Annual Ally Reunion & Tailgate

October 12th

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Aggie Pride is the LGBTQ and Ally Former Student Network of Texas A&M University. If you are a former student, current student, faculty, staff, or part of the Aggie Family, and want to be supportive of the LGBTQ+ community at Texas A&M (plus connect and network with LGBTQ+ Aggies in other cities), then please join Aggie Pride and stay connected.

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6th Annual Intercollegiate Pride Mixer
Annual LGBTQ & Ally Reunion and Tailgate

Aggie Pride Membership - Monthly Donation

Please join as a paid member to support Aggie Pride's programs and the resources we provide for LGBTQ+ Aggies. Without your support, Aggie Pride would not exist and we would not be able to support LGBTQ+ Aggies both in Aggieland and around the world. One hundred percent of all donations to Aggie Pride go to support LGBTQ+ Aggies.


Aggie Pride 2nd Annual LGBTQ & Ally Reunion and Tailgate

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Stay connected and support the Aggie Family! This network is composed of former students, current students, faculty, staff and friends of Texas A&M University working together to provide support and a welcoming environment for LGBTQ students, faculty and staff at Texas A&M.

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